Wendy’s Breakfast Hours: How Long Does Wendys Serve Breakfast?

It would be the worst start to your day if you visit your nearest Wendy’s outlet to grab some breakfast only to find out that the store is still closed!

To avoid situations like this, customers need to know Wendy’s breakfast hours.

With over 6,700+ stores spread across many regions, Wendy’s has become one of the leading names in the fast-food industry.

What are Wendy’s Breakfast Hours?

Wendys Breakfast Hours
Wendy’s Breakfast Hours

Generally, a Wendy’s outlet starts serving breakfast from 6:30 am till 10:30 am on weekdays as well as on weekends. However, some outlets might have different timings depending on their branch region. If you wish to order in, note that most Wendy’s stores start accepting delivery requests for breakfast only after 8:00 AM.

Wendy’s Restaurant Opening DaysStart of Breakfast HoursEnd of Breakfast Hours
Monday06:30 AM10:30 AM
Tuesday06:30 AM10:30 AM
Wednesday06:30 AM10:30 AM
Thursday06:30 AM10:30 AM
Friday06:30 AM10:30 AM
Saturday06:30 AM10:30 AM
Sunday06:30 AM10:30 AM

Generally, the opening hours of a Wendy’s outlet would be between 6:30 am and 1:00 am. However, Wendy’s breakfast times are fixed, and customers will not be able to order off the breakfast menu once the breakfast hours are over.

Wendy’s Breakfast Menu

Below is the complete and comprehensive list of all the food items that you can enjoy during Wendy’s breakfast hours.

Note: The prices in the table below might vary depending on your geographical location and the Wendy’s outlet that you visit. These are the general prices of all the items on Wendy’s breakfast menu.

Breakfast Combos

Food ItemGeneral Price
Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant Combo$7.16
Sausage, Egg & Swiss Croissant Combo$7.16
Bacon, Egg & Swiss Croissant Combo$7.16
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit Combo$6.22
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Combo$6.34
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Combo$6.34
Breakfast Baconator™ Combo$7.64
Classic Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich Combo$7.05
Classic Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich Combo$7.05


Food ItemGeneral Price
Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant$5.05
Sausage, Egg & Swiss Croissant$4.58
Bacon, Egg & Swiss Croissant$4.58


Food ItemGeneral Price
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit$3.75
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit$3.75
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit$3.64
Honey Butter Biscuit$1.40
Sausage Biscuit$1.52


Food ItemGeneral Price
Breakfast Baconator™$5.05
Classic Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich$4.46
Classic Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich$4.46


DrinkSmall Price (Avg.)Large Price (Avg.)
Cold Brew Iced Coffee$2.58$3.40
Vanilla Frosty®-ccino$2.93$3.28
Chocolate Frosty®-ccino$.293$3.28
Fresh Brewed Coffee$1.40$1.75
Fresh Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee$1.40$1.75

Sides & Others

Food ItemPrice
Oatmeal Bar$1.87
Apple Bites$1.15
Honey Butter Biscuit$1.4
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Burrito$1.87
Sausage Biscuit$1.52
Simply Orange Juice$2.81
Seasoned Potatoes$1.64 (Small), $1.99 (Medium), $2.34 (Large)


Peach Lemonade$3.28$3.75$4.11
Tropical Berry Lemonade$3.28$3.75$4.11
All-Natural Lemonade$3.28$3.75$4.11
Strawberry Lemonade$3.28$3.75$4.11
Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar$2.58$3.16$3.52
Diet Coke®$2.58$3.16$3.52
Dr. Pepper®$2.58$3.16$3.52
Fanta® Orange$2.58$3.16$3.52
Minute Maid® Light Lemonade$2.58$3.16$3.52
Hi-C® Flashin’ Fruit Punch®$2.58$3.16$3.52
Iced Tea$2.58$3.16$3.52
Sweet Iced Tea$2.58$3.16$3.52
Fresh Brewed Strawberry Tea$2.81$3.64$3.99
Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea$2.81$3.64$3.99
Fresh Brewed Coffee$1.40N/A$1.75
Fresh Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee$1.40N/A$1.75
Cold Brew Iced Coffee$2.58N/A$3.40
Vanilla Frosty®-ccino$2.93N/A$3.28
Chocolate Frosty®-ccino$2.93N/A$3.28
Nestlé® Pure Life® Bottled Water$2.22N/AN/A
Chocolate Milk$1.99N/AN/A
Honest Kids® Fruit Punch$1.52N/AN/A
Simply Orange® Juice$2.81N/AN/A

What Time Does Wendy’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

Wendy’s outlets generally stop serving food items from the breakfast menu at 10:30 am. Breakfast hours usually start at 6:30 am and end at 10:30 am, following which customers won’t be able to order off the breakfast menu.

Wendy’s Weekend Breakfast Hours

Usually, Wendy’s breakfast hours are the same on weekends as they are during weekdays.

So how long does Wendy’s serve breakfast on weekends? Usually Wendy’s starts serving breakfast at 6:30 am and stop serving it at 10:30 am on Saturdays and Sundays.

However, some of the outlets might have different timings due to their regional policies.

How to Check your Local Wendy’s Store Breakfast Hours?

To know how long Wendy’s serves breakfast in your area, follow these simple steps –

  1. Go to the link https://order.wendys.com/location.
  2. Check the Breakfast option in the filters area below the search bar.
  3. Enter your state, city, or zip code and click on search.
  4. You will see a list of all Wendy’s outlets in your area.
  5. The list will contain information like opening and closing hours, breakfast hours, contact information, and what time is Wendy’s breakfast over in that particular outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Wendy’s Delivery Breakfast to my Workplace?

Wendy’s can deliver anything from their breakfast menu to the preferred location of their customers. Usually, Wendy’s outlets start taking order requests from 08:00 am.

Can I Order Wendy’s Breakfast All Day?

Wendy’s only serves breakfast during their fixed breakfast hours. You cannot order items from the breakfast menu once the breakfast hours are over, which usually ends at 10:30 am.

What is the Wendy’s Cut-Off Time for Ordering Breakfast?

Wendy’s generally starts accepting breakfast orders at 08:00 am.

Does Wendy’s Offer any Breakfast Special Offers?

Wendy’s periodically offers special items and combos for discounted items. You can find more information about their special offers from their stores or their official website.

Wrapping it Up

In brief, this was all about Wendy’s breakfast hours that will help you to make your decision either when to visit the nearby store or when to order it online.

Again, make a note that we have mentioned only general breakfast hours that may vary from one location to another.


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