About Us

Albert Gerken

Knowing work hours of places you are going to visit will help you be there on time and this is the mission of HoursInformer.com.

Hey all, this is Albert Gerken from USA and the sole founder of Hours Informer portal. It is helping people to find out working hours of stores, malls, marts, pharmacies, zoos, banks, and restaturants nearby you.

What Inspires me to Start HoursInformer?

Actually, one day I had visited nearby Burger King store for lunch around 10am and found that they are not offering lunch before 10:30am. Disappointingly, it made me waiting for half an hour to get my lunch.

I thought, there are so many people facing the same situation daily and this problem inspired me to start HoursInformer.com. On this website, I do research working hours of frequently visited places by people so that they can get accurate information about the opening and closing time of those places.

So, this is the short story that bring Hours Informer online for people.

Disclaimer: Hours of places provided on this website may vary from place to place.

FAQs About HoursInformer

How does HoursInformer Work?

HoursInformer is an individual blog providing information about working hours of marts, restaurants, malls, zoos, banks, pharmacies, etc based on online research.

How Accurate is the Information on HoursInformation?

Information on the website is based on my intense research referring to online sources and hence details may be 90% accurate.

Who is the Founder of Hours Informer?

Albert Gerken, digital marketing expert from USA is the founder of this website. He started this website back in 2021 inspired from people’s real problem of waiting due to the lack of knowledge about working hours of places they usually visit.